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Today’s emerging market has opened up a lot of avenues, of which energy sector plays a pivotal role. There has been an unprecedented demand for Oil & gas, power (generation, transmission & distribution), marine structure, mining and material handling .This surge in demand has made the construction engineering more challenging and sophisticated. Infrastructure providers have to cope with stringent statutory regulations, strained timelines and budgets, thereby pushing for advanced technologies, latest methods and equipments. Today’s engineers are required to be conversant with these modern methodologies which only a handful of engineering academia is able to cater to this demand.

NGICE was established in the year 2009 with the sole objective to bridge the gap of the academia and the industry by providing students with opportunity and professional training per current industry requirement. More the graduates are aware of industry's viewpoint, better they are prepared for their careers. At NGICE, we focus on construction engineering disciplines, as this is where students have failed to exploit the opportunity.

Collaborative learning is the central element in current curriculum most colleges/universities value and assess students on individual work. Too much focus on individualism in education contradicts the reality of the industry where teamwork is key to the project’s success.

In summary, NGICE’s techniques for improving software engineering skills among construction engineering students have originated from imitating processes used in the construction industry. Curriculum changes that are motivated in this way can successfully address the industry's requirement. The more closely software training courses resemble the reality faced by construction industry, the better prepared students will be to face that reality after graduation.